Our Vision

We are resolute in our commitment to offer superior quality products, meticulously crafted and customised enabling brides to experience utmost delight on their special day.

The Afternoon Tea

Named after and Inspired by the ethereal beauty of Garden Of Eden, this collection vividly captures the essence of Victorian culture with a harmonious blend of Indian brilliance in the form of age-honoured embroideries and silhouettes. This collection honours the unique charm of the modern Indian woman with striking floral patterns hand-embroidered on a colour extensive palette.

Pitara Brides

Celebrating the unparalleled essence of our Pitara brides. Our collection harmonizes their free-spirited nature, enhancing their utmost beauty. Empowering our brides to radiate confidence and choose joy, as feeling good translates into a stunning “YOU”


About Peach it up

Peach it Up, a brand that embraces the traditions of Indian ethnic wear while infusing it with a touch of modernity and versatility, redefining the fashion landscape with a harmonious blend of heritage and culture. Led by our visionary founder and creative director, Samridhi Agrawal, who embarked on this entrepreneurial journey at a tender age of 18, we are dedicated to the constant evolution of our craft, embracing innovative designs, fabrics, and multi-purpose outfits that are perfectly suited for the contemporary fashion landscape celebrating individuality of women in India and across.